Hogmanay the Scottish Way

WARNING: This trip did not involve anything touristy; just A LOT of drinking & sleeping. 😛

Friday after work, Willow, Dean, Jim, Ash and I boarded the night bus from London to Edinburgh. Here’s a tip for travelling, AVOID THE NIGHT BUS whenever you can. Because you can sleep, you’d think it would make the trip go by faster, but be prepared for the worst sleep of your life (you would have thought I’d already learned that lesson from my trip to Amsterdam). Anyways, we arrived in Edinburgh bright and early (and knackered) Saturday morning. We parted ways with Jim and Ash and headed to our accommodations in Leith. One of our friend’s sisters lives in Edinburgh and she kindly let us stay at her apartment for the weekend. When we got there, we made our introductions and then we passed out until it was time to meet up with everyone.

At around 2pm, we took an Uber back downtown to pick up our event tickets. Then we walked up to Edinburgh Castle to meet our friends Vanessa, Andrew and Catho. It was freezing and windy, so we walked down to the Christmas Markets and then to a pub to warm up and have a pint. Jim and Ash met us there at the pub, where we stayed until it was almost time for the street party.

Before we headed out for the night though, we picked up more alcohol (and snacks) at Sainsbury’s and we went to Catherine’s hostel to pre-drink. Here, we met some travellers, a couple of Americans and Australians, who we became friends with and they joined our group for the evening.

On the way to the street party though, we lost one of our new friends when he stopped to get haggis at a chip shop. Considering how busy it was, we knew we’d never see him again. Getting into the party was another situation… You were allowed to bring your own drinks onto the site, but when we got to the entrance, the policeman told Willow and I that our 2L bottles of cider were too big. He gave us two choices: either dump some of it or chug it the Scot’s way; obviously, we chose the latter 😉 . I can’t get over how relaxed the UK is; that would never go down back in Ottawa! Anyways, the party was amazing! They had live bands playing, everyone was drinking and dancing and the fireworks at midnight took place right over top of Edinburgh Castle! After the fireworks, we danced around to the bands a bit and then we headed to a bar for the after party.

The next day, of course, we spent dying in our beds (I told you this trip involved a lot of sleeping). We woke up around 4pm, still hungover, but we had wanted to do a ghost walk on our last evening. So we got up, went to get food and then walked back up to Old Town to join Jim and Ash. The ghost tour was around 2 hours long and took us around the old part of the city. It was really interesting, but my toes were frozen, so I was quite happy when it ended. After the walk, we went to a pub to warm up before heading back to Leith to pack.

Edinburgh is such a beautiful city and compared to London, so quiet! (even on New Year’s Eve). Although I didn’t get to see much of it this time around, fret not, I will returning in the summer to do Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Highlands!






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