Two Months in London Town

Hey guys, so it’s been awhile! I haven’t really been up to anything note-worthy, besides moving house and settling into my new job. It’s finally fall here in London; the air is crisp and cool and we still haven’t seen much rain! 🙂 It’s been two months since I made the big move across the Atlantic and it finally feels like I’m settling in!

After Amsterdam, I managed to find a short-term let in Willesden Green to give me some time to find a job and somewhere more permanent to live. The area was a bit dodge, but I believe everything happens for a reason, because my roommate helped me find my present job and has become one of my good friends here in London! Before I started my current temp contract at Deliveroo, I was working at a coffee shop for £7.20/hour. As I love working with people, I took the job thinking it would be fun and stress-free, but it quickly got old when I was forced to work 12 hour days just to make rent.

I quit that job, started my new one and moved into my new place all in the first week of September. Right now, I am currently living in EC1 (Shoreditch) and I love it! I am so central to everything and the area reminds me a bit of Toronto. I’ve been settled in my new place just over a month now and I never want to leave!

Besides moving and working, I’ve started exploring the city more. I’ve done the typical touristy stuff like see Big Ben and Buckingham Place. An old friend from Montreal was in the city in August and I met her and her friend for breakfast at Regency Cafe. We then climbed up the Sky Garden to see the city view. I’d been hanging out with Charlene when I first got here and have begun to make more friends through work. Just the other day, I invited them over to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. It was great! We all went to my place after work and cooked a nice chicken roast with vegetables and mashed potatoes. We even found pumpkin pie mix at Sainsbury’s and made a pumpkin pie!

Some other things that I’ve done since I’ve arrived are:

In July:

  • Took a boat cruise from the London Eye up to London Bridge, climbed the Monument and did the glass walk over London Bridge (waste of money).
  • Walked around Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park
  • Went out in Soho and ended up at the fanciest bar I’ve ever been in (no joke, £15 drinks).

In August:

  • Went to the Natural History Museum with Charlene (to see the animatronic T-Rex) and then ate the best shawarma near her place in South Kensington.
  • Explored Buckingham Palace and the Queen’s Fashion Exhibit and then took the bus up to Piccadilly to have afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason.
  • I took a train after work to Manchester to see the Beat and the Toasters play at a Ska Festival. I was too cheap to book a room overnight so I slept in the train station.
  • Tried black pudding (yuck!)
  • Met up with fellow Canadians, Jamiee and Charlene for a pint at the Maple Leaf.

In September and October:

  • Found the Joe Strummer memorials.
  • Went to Camden Market and got my nose pierced with my new Australian and Kiwi friends, Harry and Willow.
  • Last weekend, went to Giulia’s with Simona and she made a big Italian dinner. The next day, we met up again and explored St. Dunstan-in-the-East by London Bridge.

I’m so grateful that I didn’t let my anxiety get the best of me when I first arrived because right now, I can 100% say I’m completely happy!



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