Canals & Bicycles

Over the past weekend, I went to Amsterdam to visit an old friend from college! The bus took 11 hours and although it was an overnight bus, I barely slept. Around 12am, we went through customs, and then had to disembark the bus when we got to the ferry. I arrived at Amsterdam train station around 9am where Boy met me to check into our hostel. We booked four nights at The Student Hotel, which is pretty well as it seems – dorm-style residences, but the rooms were private and nice! After unpacking and settling in, we decided to head out and rent some bikes for the weekend.

Biking around Amsterdam was pretty cool, although super nerve-wracking as I was biking with a local and had no idea the rules of the road. Although, they have certain lanes for bikes; they also allowed scooters on there as well, so I have to say, I was pretty jumpy.

After renting our bicycles, we rode to Dam square, walked around a bit and grabbed a late lunch. We biked around some more and then went to this amazing Thai restaurant for dinner (I can’t remember the exact location or name sadly).

The next morning we got up early to do the Van Gogh museum. We ate breakfast at the hostel; it wasn’t included but it was good for the price. It included a chicken sandwich, with rocket on a baguette, tea/coffee and a banana or apple. Apparently sandwiches are a common breakfast item in the Netherlands – I found it a little odd but delicious none the less!

After spending the morning at the Van Gogh museum (which I highly recommend), we walked around the art district and then biked in Vogel Park for a bit. In the afternoon, we did a boat cruise on the canal! I loved seeing the architecture from the water; all of the houses are so crooked and adorable.

Saturday, it was crummy out, so we spent most of the day at the Rijksmuseum. In the evening, we went to see the Red Light District (I didn’t realise how spread out it was) and then biked back to the art district for some drinks at a pub that Boy knew.

Sunday was my last day in the city, and after saying bye to Boy in the afternoon, I spent my remaining few hours at the Jewish Historical Museum and wandering the city and shopping. I do wish that I had gone and seen Anne Frank House and taken a trip out of the city to see the windmills, but there just wasn’t enough time; I guess that just means I’ll have to go back and visit!


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