A Day at Bath & Stonehenge

What’s really beneficial for me to be doing my work holiday in London, is that Britbound’s head office is here. What BritBound is, is they’re a support group to help you get on your feet, but they also host events and trips so that you can meet people and explore outside the city.

Before I left for England, I booked a trip through them to see Stonehenge and Bath. It was a super easy process, the bus picked us up from the station at 8am and we made our way to our first location, Stonehenge in Wiltshire. As a history and supernatural geek, Stonehenge has always been of interest to me because it’s origins hold so much mystery! Thinking back to why I chose England to do my work holiday, it seems I’m drawn to how much history and folklore it holds; I find it all very romantic! Anyways, back to the trip, we didn’t even arrive at Stonehenge’s location before the subject of the supernatural came up. Apparently, the night before, a crop circle had appeared in one on the fields near by (we could see it as we drove by)! Now, I don’t know if it was a human creation to draw tourists to the area or it was actually the result of aliens, either way, I thought it was very cool!

At Stonehenge, they gave you an audio guide and you could stop at different points to hear (theories) of the stone’s history and surrounding area. I loved it, and I think the only thing that took away from the experience was all the other tourists around. As well, not dressing for the appropriate weather. Stupid me, I showed up wearing a light dress and cardigan, not expecting it to be rainy and cold.

After Stonehenge, we drove to the city of Bath. This was my favorite part of the trip; the city is so beautiful! It reminded me of Italy. When we arrived, the tour guide gave us free time before our walking tour in the afternoon. There was another Polish girl who had come on the trip alone, so we paired up for the afternoon and explored the city together. Our first stop was the Roman Baths (which is where the city got it’s name). As this took up most of the afternoon and we still wanted to see the fashion museum, we literally had to run there and back from the museum to our meeting spot in order to make it in time for our walking tour. The fashion museum was small but neat; it displayed Scarlett O’Hara’s jacket from Gone with the Wind! It did turn out that we managed to be at the meeting spot a bit early, and as both of us famished, we stopped to get a pasty (delicious!) and coffee at a small cafe. After the walking tour, we boarded our bus to make the trip back to London, where on the way, we spotted the UK’s smallest jail and Windsor Castle from afar. Although, I managed to see the main attraction of Bath, I would definitely love to go back and explore a bit more of the city!



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